Saturday, October 29, 2005

D E E D S ~ Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks leaves a legacy for all of us.

Rosa Parks
(Not My Photograph)
1913 to 2005
A Biography of Rosa Parks From the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery Alabama.

We were nothing then
in the eyes of the world
our anger simmered
like a mess of greens
victims of the whim
of a code called Jim Crow
separate but equal
this lie that was uprooted
by a seamstress
who was tired
not physically
but tired of being
at the whim of everyone
and on that fateful day
when the bus driver said he would
call the police
she said "You May"
and sat there dignified
wrapped in a cloak of correctness
stiching our heart back together
awaiting our fate
and slowly
the walls fell
and the people marched in
and yes there were dark days
and many heroes died
a tragic death
but one will stand out
who walked
over the shadow line
into a new world
not with bravado
but quietly
as only a woman can
Precious Lord
Take my hand
Lead me on....

Poem Copyright
© 2005 Frederick D. Perry, All Rights Reserved

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