Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jerri Lange - Dynamo

Jerri Lange - Dynamo,
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"When you come into a room, you have to give your light a chance to shine. It can't shine through if you hold on to baggage. If you get angry, you will grow old and bitter and get sick. I'm 80 years old, and I'm not sick."

That advice applies to everyone, but she is particularly anxious for African Americans to hear it.

"We are suffering from black rage and it is making us sick. We have to do something about it ourselves. Since New Orleans, we see the government is not going to help us. And it's not even a racial issue. The same thing is happening in Florida. The government is not functioning."

From a book review of the book: "Jerri, A Black Woman's Life in the Media." in the Oakland Tribune.

Yes she is the mother of Ted Lange Star of the "Love Boat Series". She is also a media personality in her own right. She is dynamic witty and thoroughly kinetic always bringing a buoyancy to her work. She can set people at ease from stevedores to statesman and what is more she can have them talking to each other.

Full disclosure I have know Jerri since 1975 her other son Michael and my brother are close friends. Very seldom can you say you know a pioneer, I am happy to say I do. Please read the review above.

The book can be purchased HERE

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