Monday, January 30, 2006

Take Flight

Take Flight
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'Looking Back' On Black

Back that way the horizon bulges miles and miles toward the Pacific, Pacifica pacifists defending the future. I am not one of them; I protect their right to be that way. I’ve covered those miles back there I have crisscrossed the country in search of a past but the past is in the other direction, where I have never been Not east or west but deep south. Miles move aimlessly with footprints of pioneers. It is like that. Some in my generation have not let go the history gene. Still clutching in our hands the anecdote to a-history, not history but supplanted fiction, which as it is spun becomes truth or at least told for true. Yet reality TV and a-history surround us, mock history and the death of the idea. Back there is what I hold onto in my sanctuary up in the Town. Pluralism, and opinion makers solidly blue but with a sense of humor.

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