Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crystal lamp

Crystal lamp
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'Crystal lamp' L A R G E R

Made of magic
magic made
from the family dradle
hung above the cradle
and druids
splitting hairs
instead of splitting atoms
made of magic
magic made
a state somewhere between
clarity and obscurity
made of magic
magic made
like the artificial boundaries
that keep us apart
in the right hand a sword
in the left an olive branch
attended by handmaidens
riding golden chariots
magic made
made of magic



© 2006 Frederick Douglass Perry, All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Corydora said...

Bird: my sincere and heartfelt thanks :-)

I have vivid memories of this lamp (and the table it was on) from my childhood, when I would visit my grandmother's house. I have both of those objects now, along with some of her other furniture, and they mean so much to me. Your poem adds yet another layer of meaning to these very precious objects, for which I am truly grateful. Thanks again - and I do hope that someday you will get to see the things you have immortalised so eloquently!

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