Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Orbit Ranch Studios

Bette's Oceanview Diner


In the shadows recognizing
the true meaning of the life of ice
holding the touch of cold
as it moves through the theatre
touching the chain of the ghost lamp
pulled like a bit of overtime for sweeping
the prop man makes circles with the mop
moving from upstage to down leaving just
enough water to have something to go back over
the cellist is still practicing in the pit
the flyman looks down at her,
cello struggling between her legs
her head moving passionately
with the sad rhythm her shoulders hunch slightly
the flyman grips the lock
on the line with the city cyc
he squeezes it slowly
and drops the metal ring around the lock
pretty soon this will all be automated
and stagehands used to say
they couldn't automate their jobs
I hear some one speak in a harsh whisper
I can’t remember my line so
I look deftly at the audience for a clue



© 2006 Frederick Douglass Perry, All Rights Reserved

For My Boy Ray Ray in the SJ working hard and keeping hope alive. You keep on Keeping on Weasel. Leave no stone unturned and no vote uncounted.

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