Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Battered... & the Silent Vengeance ~ International Womans Day - 2006

Battered... & the Silent Vengeance
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my God it was what I thought
the beating went on an on
he did not even say this time
what was my supposed crime
but what I hated the most
was not that all the neighborhood folks
gathered round our front door
it was not that he didn't stop
when my face hit the floor
and that he kept on more and more
not even seeing that it was me he hits
hell no it was - he did it around the kids
around our kids
around my beautiful kids
as I rose while he walked to the
backroom where he kept
a gun in that locked room
I had no doubt
he thought he had knocked me out
what this stupid coward
didn't recognize
it is the female lion
that provides
so I did what I had to do
I sprung in one motion to the kids bed room
and before he could say one more word
I was pushing my way through the front door
but over my shoulder I heard him creep
so I turned ‘round and looked him in the eye
touch me one more time you will never sleep
touch me one more time and I'll take you out
believe there was no doubt
the coward had messed up this time
he recognized the lioness was out


Poem Copyright
©2005 Frederick D. Perry, All Rights Reserved

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