Sunday, March 19, 2006

the Wizards convene

the Wizards convene
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The High Wizards gathering round the Miraculous Tripod.
Clad in the gold leaf robes and wearing the second sight caps of the fur of unknowable beasts and encrusted with alchemical nuggets of gold, they orchestrate and regulate the miracle of ... Spring.

The bunch of tulips was on the window sill, with direct, if rather weak, sunlight shining straight into this bloom. It looked stunning and irrisistible.

Please see it in its full MYSTERY

as if I am seeing
a new thing
through your
trusted eyes
never so clear
never so gold
never so purple
a descriptive vision
not tongue in cheek
but rather simple words
that draw the world to stillness
awakening a sense of disbelief
a chill wind that chases reality
to the corner
candid simple dramatic
a dream must have risen up
and mesmerized you
guiding you
through the moment
that the shutter
slid across
and captured beauty
told a story
in an instant
and called truth
as a witness


Poem Copyright
©2006 Frederick Douglass Perry, All Rights Reserved

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