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My friend ~ " Chiori Santiago This picture was taken last year at a reading she gave in Oakland. Here are some samples of her work

- 4/14/07
I want to thank you all for all of your wonderful whishes and prayers....
I have very sorrow filled news.
Chiori Santiago passed away from complications of her cancer tonight.

Love is forged
and then
in time like steel
it cools
it hardens
into fierce
gentle bonds
oh how each wish
should be held quiet
like a foundation
supple and strong
bearing the load
but distributing it
Poem and Photograph Copyright©2007, Fredrick Douglass Perry, All Rights Reserved


~ Dear Friends and Family,

This is a difficult message to write. I am sorry that I am not able to contact all of you individually. Chiori Santiago passed away early this morning due to complications related to her cancer. She was initially admitted to Alta Bates early in the week with fluid in her lungs. It seemed that she would be ready to come home on Thursday but the ICU decided to keep her for observation for another day. Thursday night her condition worsened and she was unable to recover. Chiori was able to express her desire to have her family with her so that she could pass on in peace surrounded by her family. A few hours before she passed a small group of her friends were able to come in and say goodbye. Chiori was concious and alert. She requested that life support measures be turned off. At that point, surrounded by her immediate family, she was given comfort care and passed a few hours later at peace and without pain. I know that this news is difficult for all of us. Please remember Chiori's life and all of the ways she touched our hearts. hse was an amazing and inspirational woman. She is responsible for everything I have accomplished in my life. Her example made me the person I am today and she had an affect on evryone who knew her. She will be missed by all of us. Chiori's ashes will be scattered in a private ceremony by her family. Dates and details of her public memeorial will be sent out as soon as they are available.Thank you for all of the love and support you have given her and our family,
-Roberto Santiago

Those who knew and loved her will sorely miss her. The world will suffer without her brilliance. She was the bearer of many gifts she will be remembered by those who love fine words and those who love planting flowers, and those who love to dance till dawn. So loving and so committed to making this world a better place. Creative and full of life, a ball of kinetic energy, Chiori tackled the world with passion. Not one to waste time she embraced our world on a full throttle, always full of thought. If you have some time please click on one of the links above and hold her in your heart as you read them. Her sprit rises now ~ join us in this praisesong.

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