Friday, May 11, 2007

So she waited up for him...

So she waited up for him..., originally uploaded by Ms. Ryan.

She waited up for him
as the night surrounded her
and the moaning of the feral cats
draped the alley downstairs
the gun swung deadly in her hand
a moment between life and hair trigger
no-one would weep for her
there would be no quenching
the fire of the violence
once set in motion
and then the turning of the key
and the fist squeaky steps
on the stairs
blood rushed to her head
the smell of his breath
proceeding him into the foyer
and the place where he had tried
to land a blow on her face
the small bone
that runs on the outside
of her right arm
reverberated as she
raised the gun
the last thing she remembered
was his final words
so what the hell you gonna do
with that?
Poem Copyright
©2007, Frederick Douglass Perry, All Rights Reserved

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