Thursday, January 10, 2008


ANOTHER SEAM IN THE CYCLE, originally uploaded by B I R D.

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Another seam in the cycle
another revolution
another crossing over
let the old year fade away
the dead left sinking in the sand
rest in peace
not exhumed
dust slipping through the hand
the apprentice accomplishing something
carving a fine point
in the book of conjecture
let the martyrs sleep
in their shrouds alone
unable to speak the name
of their parents
resting in anticipation
of absolution
let the Book be opened again
and resting on your knees
amid the cloud of incense
pondering things larger than yourself
remembering each seam as they
rise and fall
like the breath of a sleeping child
understand all things
that pass us by
and the day of accounting
as the seam slips by
Another seam in the cycle
another connection
another crossing over
another chance to heed the word
don't look back
listen to the sound of the river
and those you have loved
Poem Copyright
©01/01/2007, Frederick Douglass Perry, All Rights Reserved

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