Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy, originally uploaded by B I R D.


The ground rules of war are simple - make the enemy faceless. We need to start seeing all the beauty in each other. The alternative is not pleasant.

I am your enemy

I am the road you are running the way you are walking and the last time you felt good. I am the memory of that and all things tucked back in the folds. I am what fed the grey matter in the first place a sweet nutrient through the time. I was the light that came on, and I was the first black in your black out. I am the leading edge of the scream when you know you can’t stand it and can’t be me. I am backbone and the latest edition of your confessions. And I am all that you call megalomaniac yet don’t have the power to stop. I am the feet that are marching -- you can tell mine because I have a bounce in my step. I will be the blood in your boots and your last drop of water. The ancient tribe of star seekers, I am beneath your midnight on a hard scrapple hill well below the radar. I am the echo bouncing back a simple well thought out deed. I see your face in the fire it dances with the flame of recognition. Yet it always comes back to this -- no this doesn’t all fit together in a nice little package I have slipped past your emotional defenses and you are wondering if you are I. This doesn’t connect back to the beginning, we are not in the middle, and this contour has no shape, no form! I am the last drop of your sanity I am walking away now. This doesn't connect back to me. I am a ghost I don't exist, I am the footsteps in your night, making weightless sounds. I am the frost on the mirror. Take this gourd full of stale water and walk across my treeless mountain -- I am waiting.

If you do not embrace your enemies they will devour you.
©2005 Frederick D. Perry All Rights reserved.

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