Sunday, July 20, 2008

RECENT BIRDPOEMS ~ Inspired by Friends and a couple from my archive

Some more great photos accompanied by birdpoems. I am blessed to be inspired by so many great photographers and lucky enough to be able to use their work to practice my trade as a jack legged poet. Click on one of the links below and scroll down until you see my icon and a poem - it IS that easy.

Thanks to all of the artists who have participated in this project

1. art from heaven, 2. ABOUT Henna Tattoo and MEHENDI Designs..., 3. Withered...., 4. I still feel...., 5. bliss ??, 6. Ms R, 7. on the side, 8. EVIDENCE OF LIGHT ~ 32, 9. EVIDENCE OF LIGHT ~ 31

Copyright for all of the photos belong to the photographers.
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