Thursday, May 26, 2011


the search for the solution
which brings
the dawn awake in the crucible
heated by our hearts
heart flowing like an incandescent moment
beating like a stranded wish in the maze of the MINOTAUR
the flow of the elixir
is the most of it
totally unsentimental
or so we say
the secrets of the words
marshaled God willing
to the side of the righteous
moving through the unsatisfaction
toward the Truth
through belief and persistence
the vessels have already left
you become a part
the search for a solution
amid the chaos of passion
believe that your heart is made of gold
never let up even against the tide
the past is receding into the fog of imagination
now is the time to right the listing powers
which cling like fire to the past
are those reflections of the melting vessel
an obsidian mirror described in the ancient text
struck by the incantation of the billowing storm
the tempest rages off stage
the sails protrude against the winds
as they fill from prime direction
filling with the terrible growing tumult
inexorable, fated, primal this spring
unimagined prior to now
as the winds grow from the hollow of the crucibulum
the night watch
believe in
with the courage of empathy
Great Indeed

©2011, Frederick Douglass Perry, All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Steven Gowin said...

Love both of the photgraphs here now. The light reflected off the floor in LUZ y SOMBRAS is particularly interesting.

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