Sunday, April 01, 2012


This is a link for a playlist that I curated on iTunes. It is a collection of Civil Rights and Labor songs dedicated to Jon Fromer. As most of you know our brother Jon is battling cancer and as he has done so many times for others his friends are fighting for him in every way we know how. My fondest hope is that this playlist will get our boy some deserved attention. You will not reach nirvana if you forward this, but you might reach someone who hasn't heard of Jon (different planet?) or someone who needs to hear this music. So forward this playlist, tweet it, blog it, FACEBOOK it, GOOGLE + put it on your companies email or Wikey, post it do what you can.

Take a couple of songs for your iPod or mp3 player, use the albums as a search on this important American music.

Come to the BENEFIT concert at the Rockit Room Tues APRIL 3rd at 8:00pm (20:00)
With: Diane Amos, Bautista, Reed Frimer, Francisco Herra, Little Brown Brother, Rad Reyes, Holly Near and other Special Guests

Frederick Douglass Perry
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