Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jon Fromer

Jon Fromer, originally uploaded by B I R D.
JON FROMER 1946 – 2013 He lived every drop of his life with his heart as they say, "Staid on freedom." He was a passionate man, a quietly courageous man, a gentle bear of a man. Jon dedicated his life to educating people and persuading them to crusade for peace through justice. Jon didn't know where the sidelines were; he thrust his soul into his work--showing up when people needed some steel in their backs. Thoughtful and talented, he could have chosen many paths--in fact, he could have been "privileged" in the traditional way. Instead, he chose to give his innumerable skills to the struggle for equality, peace, and justice. He was rewarded as most like him are by the vibration that wells up in other peoples hearts when you sing of hope and faith. He was treated to the feeling of being part of the chorus, a voice lifted among many, a rich baritone. It is bittersweet that we now have these songs that he sang; unfortunately, too few got recorded. His work extended into television production and programs like this one that he produced: "Jimmy Collier: His Music and Travels with Dr. King," which aired on KQED's This Week in Northern California. JON FROMER Presente! More at A CALL FOR PHOTOS & Memorial Info

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