Monday, July 17, 2006


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To the people of Mumbai
shocked into the world again
some wondering sadly
if they will see love again
join the chorus this madness must end
once again as in Darfur, Gaza, Kabul
Chechnya, Mosul, down through the streets
the killing fields fertilizing poisoned soil
with innocent blood running down the furrows
mothers tearing at their hair
join the chorus this madness must end
really, really, talk to God, fundamentally
about the innocents left in the triage tent
too young to grow private hair
one moment away from success
innocents that don't even own a gun
can’t pronounce bomb,
ran from schoolyard fights
you cannot inoculate yourself from hate
and now some newly minted orphan
is plotting revenge...
join the chorus this madness must end

©2006, Frederick D. Perry, All Rights Reserved

Go here to join this peace group!!!

"Lets paint our hands in white (as the people from Spain did it last year, just after the Madrid's bombs) and post in our pages tomorrow, saturday.
If you like the idea, please, be free to copy it and spread the word to your friends and contacts..." Frederico Mendes

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