Saturday, December 02, 2006

BIRDPOEMS (Larger Selection)

BIRDPOEMS (Larger Selection)
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I created this mosaic using the tag "birdpoem." Birdpoems are what I call the extended comments that I write for others and occasionally for myself. They are inspired by the work I see before me. These small poems are my way of attempting to illuminate the work with some small spark of imagination. I invite you to click on some of the listings below and scroll down to my icon. What you will find perhaps is what inspired me to write. Please try a couple. If you wish to see more search on the tag "birdpoem". Thanks for visiting! Your comments are of course appreciated.


By the way you can go HERE for a poem about why I choose the name B I R D

1. THE SEEN, 2. time~~second borns love having weathered storms, 3. Speaking to the voice inside.., 4. Soar..., 5. *N*, 6. To Bob, 7. St Peters revisited, 8. Our Man on 95th St... With Company, 9. remember me!, 10. Mitchell, 11. Old Bracero's dress-up hand, 12. charca, pool, 13. some clouds and sunbeams, 14. A story in three pieces / 3, 15. Autumn still life, 16. inner light, 17. that which remains, 18. I Walk Alone, 19. letting it go, 20. Algumas imagens sobre longos dias tranqüilos..., 21. rain coming ......., 22. collared light, 23. Bits of blue sneak into hide..., 24. Queen Anne's lace, 25. *InsiPiD*, 26. Lensbaby roses, 27. Untitled, 28. RED HEART POISED, 29. EMERGENCY, 30. Big Black Carpenter Bee, 31. MOVING ON AND ON GLOW, 32. ~MadneSS~, 33. An Angel Lost a Feather, 34. Cloches, 35. Untitled, 36. waterfront - singapore

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