Sunday, October 08, 2006


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sing it slowly and deliberately as a cowboy waltz

Lucky aint I lucky
No one can tell me that
I aint the lucky one here
Lucky aint I lucky
I pull a card
And a winner appears

Lucky could be my middle name
Written in fortune and fame
Lucky has always been
The place that I started in
Lucky they all shouted pointing my way
Until the moment my luck went out to play

Oh I've had a good life
A future free of strife
At least that's what others see
But I see the truth here
On this side of my fears
Lucky aint I lucky to be me

When the clown paints his frown on
Everyone wants one
They laugh and they point with glee
He pulls his checked pants on
All of his hope gone
He stumbles out into the ring
Everyone’s laughing
He’s such a sad sack
He's lucky see what lucky can bring

When he pulls the deck of cards out
Everyone knows what he'll do
The cards go a flying
All aces and the other clowns
Know what to do
They chase him and beat him
No one's gonna cheat cheat them
Lucky so Lucky
Lucky so Lucky
Lucky must surely be me

Poem and Image Copyright
©2006. Frederick Douglass Perry, All Rights Reserved

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